Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life Changing

Dah lama tak menulis.. Memang tak tulis.. Type kot.. Hahaha.. Rasa nak sambung balik.. Ada a few perubahan dlm hidup yg berjaya dilakukan. Maybe for certain people it not a big achievement, but for me.. Even a simple change is an achievement.. Sbb dah lama cuba buat dan ubah jadi yg lebih baik.. Only recently happen. Maybe anak2.. Atau tekanan hidup that push me and it successful and it become my life routine now.. I will not tell what is that now maybe someday i will write and share them here. Mungkin sedikit sebanyak dpt membantu org yg menghadapi masalah sama dgn saya.. Ada ke? Hihihi.. I'm writing this while i'm on my way to office. I'm on the train now.. That one of the new thing.. Taking train to office ;).. And could be the time i write my blog everyday.. Just to spend time while on the train instead of reading book or viewing boring facebook. Nothing interesting in the facebook now except reposting the post that you also not even know where the source is, who write them and not even know it true or become a viral. Forget about facebook.. 

Yah i will continue my blog again.. Start from today.. Maybe will add some features in my blog. Hope i have time to learn and digging about blogging or attend a workshop will be great. I dont have time digging and try and error on this. 

Ok. Who ever come to my blog and read this.. Have a nice day. I'll pray you will achieve and successfull in what ever you do.